The Goal

Naked Art Criticism is an experiment in art viewing. It is also a push back on the glut of information that circulates in the art world and, in my opinion, prevents anyone from really seeing anything for themselves. I know a ship load of artists who will tell you when you visit their studio that they want their artwork to be fully self-sufficient. I can’t count the number of times, reading critiques of painting exhibitions, that the reviewer has commented on the painting’s total completeness. As if every mark were intentional and not one more or one less could improve it. If that stuff were true there would be no need for an artist statement, no need for a press release–all that info would be self-evident. I actually do think that stuff is true, but in order to find out I have to try and get to the art without scumming up my think tank with other people’s big ideas and explanations. That’s the goal of Naked Art Criticism.


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